1. Interpretation

The “Seller Hitchen and Co (Trading as Clean Handi) registered in England hereafter referred to as Clean Handi. Registered business address ; 6-8 York Place, Leeds, LS1 2DS.

“Buyer” means the person/ company who orders goods from Clean Handi

“Contract” means the contract for the sale and purchase of said goods;

“Goods” relates to the goods which Clean Handi supply in accordance with these Terms;

“Terms” means the terms set out in this document and also includes any other terms agreed by the buyer and seller in addition to the below.

2. Sale of goods

The Seller and Buyer are both bound the terms set out in this agreement. No variation of these terms will apply unless specifically agreed in writing by both parties. No representations pertaining to goods are binding unless confirmed in writing by Clean Handi, although nothing in these terms covers either party against fraudulent misrepresentation. Any advice, or recommendations given by any Clean Handi are only opinions and the buyer should always conduct their own research. In the event that Clean Handi advertise or recommend any third party product in conjunction with our goods, this does not mean that they have any association of affiliation with said third parties. Any errors in any publication made by Clean Handi are not binding and are subject to correction without liability.

 3. Ordering goods

When placing an order and paying for goods, you are entering into an agreement with Clean Handi.

The buyer is liable to ensure accuracy of the order details, price and contact and delivery details prior to completing payment and placing an order. Clean Handi reserve the right to refuse any orders at their own discretion

4. Returns Policy

Where goods are purchased by the buyer is purchased on behalf of a business, or the product is intended for business use, the buyer only has the right to return the product after receiving written consent from Smart Camera Company in the addition to the following;

– The buyer has contacted Smart Camera Company within 14 days to request an RMA number.

– The returned goods are clearly marked with the RMA number provided

-The goods are returned in a saleable condition, in original packaging and with all applicable original parts

– The goods do not include any software, downloadable content, perishable items or any other good/service which are not reusable.

Smart Camera Company has no obligation to accept returns from any business buyer, even if the above conditions are met, and can refuse returns at their own discretion. In the event that Smart Camera Company agree to the return of the stock, they reserve the right to charge a restocking fee. All fees are available at any time on request and via the website.

5. Faulty Goods

Smart Camera Company will accept the return of faulty goods within 14 days of purchase. Buyers should also notify Smart Camera Company prior to returning goods stating the nature of the issue and all other relevant information to the problem.

Smart Camera Company will endeavour to solve the issue, and in the instance where no resolution can be found, replace the item free of charge. If a buyer returns an item that Smart Camera Company deem to be damaged as a result of improper use by the buyer (accidental or otherwise) or if no fault can be found, Smart Camera will accept no liability and the buyer will be charged for the investigation carried out by Smart Camera Company.

6. Goods returned by the buyer

Smart Camera Company can accept no liability for goods sent to them by the buyer, including when in transit. Buyers should consult with their courier service in instances whereby goods are not returned.

7. Refund

If eligible for a refund, all refunds will be credited to the payment method which the buyer initially used to purchase the product within 21 days.

8. Pricing

The price of goods is the price listed at the point of sale and this is final. By confirming and paying for goods, the buyer is giving consent that they are agreed on the purchase price. Smart Camera Company reserve the right to edit the price of goods, as well as any offers or promotions at their own discretion.

10. Making Payment

Payment will be taken by debit or credit card at the point of sale. For other methods of purchase via third parties, payment will again be taken at the point of sale.

11. Delivery

Unless otherwise agreed, delivery of the goods will be made by Smart Camera Company/ or courier to the address provided by the buyer. Buyers can elect to have goods left in a safe location or with a nominated other person/business however they do so at their own risk and Smart Camera Company can accept no liability for loss of theft. If Smart Camera are unable to deliver the item, the buyer will be liable to pay extra fees by way of redelivery and storage. Delivery schedules will be advised at point of order, in any instance whereby the actual delivery time is longer than the originally scheduled date, and that delay is caused by something out of Smart Camera Company’s control, then no refund option is available. Smart Camera Company will contact the buyer to seek an alternative delivery date or resolution.

12. Risk/Property

 Upon delivery, all risk or theft, damage or loss shall pass to the buyer at that time, this includes instances in which the buyer requests goods to be left in a ‘safe’ location or with an alternative person/business. All goods remain property of Smart Camera Company until payment is received in full from the buyer.

In the event that a product needs to be returned to Smart Camera Company, ownership of property will not transfer back to Smart Camera Company until  it is confirmed that the goods are received safely at the registered office address.

The buyer has a statutory duty to ensure that goods are not damaged whilst in their care,  including in transit, and will still be liable to cover the cost of damage and/or associated costs.

14. Warranties 

All goods are subject to the warranty provided by the original manufacturer. Smart Camera Company do not offer any warranties themselves.

15.Witholding/Withdrawing Payment

In the event that goods are delivered to the buyer and payment is not fulfilled or in any instance in which the buyer cancels or withdraws payment, the goods shall remain property of Smart Camera Company. Smart Camera Company will request the full balance immediately and if this is not forthcoming, they reserve the right to start legal action to recover the monies owed.

16. General use

All terms of this agreement are binding from the point that payment is received and all actions by either party thereafter shall be taken in accordance with these terms. If any provision or particular clause of this agreement is found to be invalid, that does not apply for the rest of the agreement. A copy of these terms is available via the seller’s website or at any time by requesting a copy in writing to the registered business address listed in this agreement. This agreement is bound by UK law and regulation and in the event of dispute, all parties agree to the settlement of the issue via the Court system.